A Room Of One's Own

Une Chambre à Soi

February 16 – April 1, 2023

For its third exhibition since its opening, Camille Pouyfaucon gallery presents “A Room Of One's Own”, with Eugénie Didier and Léa Toutain, from February 16 to April 1, 2023.


Eugénie and Léa, both use photography as a starting point for their creation, ranging from shots of interior and daily scenes, to more furtive scenes captured while the models are unaware. Working within Tim Eitel's painting studio at Beaux-Arts de Paris school, the young artists observe their subjects and reveal their intimate universe. They emphasize the need to have a “room of one's own”, a personal space, real or spiritual, where each one is free to create, in the image of the famous essay by Virginia Woolf, a committed woman of letters: “But isn't it sometimes in idleness, in dreams, that the drowned truth emerges somewhat?”


Eugénie Didier studied photography, she uses precise and original framing to evoke the banal through her paintings. Her vivid palette recalls her childhood on the Mediterranean coast. By representing trivial subjects, Eugenie seeks to imagine the universal everyday.


Léa Toutain represents in her work scenes where the subjects seem to be totally absorbed by their occupations. Léa creates a reality without sketches through fluid and spontaneous touches of paint. She operates a distance, between observation and gentle voyeurism of her surroundings.


Eugénie and Léa are painters of the intimate. If one paints with vivacity the moments of interior absorption of each one, the other one seeks to represent these spaces which make our daily life. Their two universes illustrate with gentleness Virginia Woolf's “rooms of one's own”, whether they are intellectual or material.


Installation Views