Also Known As Africa

Carreau du Temple, Paris

October 20-22, 2023


Solo presentation of David Mbuyi


Camille Pouyfaucon Gallery is pleased to participate to this eighth edition of AKAA art fair with a solo presentation of David Mbuyi.


Born in 1997 in Kinshasa, capital of the Republic of Congo, David Mbuyi is a young painter who lives and works in Paris. He graduated from Beaux-Arts de Paris school in September 2023.

His most recent exhibitions include “Landmarks” solo show at Camille Pouyfaucon Gallery (May 2023), “Crush” at Beaux Arts de Paris (March 2023); “Été Indien” festival, in Arles (2020); “O boulot”, MAIF social club, Paris, (2018); at the 7th rencontres des artistes de la résidence de la Cour des Arts, Saint Rémy de Provence, (2018).

He won the François Dujarric De La Rivière Price in 2020.


In his paintings. David Mbuvi explores memories of his childhood, from the peaceful landscapes of the Annecy Lake to the urban scenes of his native Kinshasa. Both these environments have profoundly shaped his artistic identity and inspired his vision. However, David does not allow himself to be defined exclusively by one or the other, but finds fulfilment in the coexistence of these two influences.

In his canvases, the artist brings a gentleness and tranquillity to the urban effervescence of Kinshasa. Although the city is known for its bustle and hectic pace, David manages to transcend this reality by infusing his depictions of everyday life with an atmosphere of calm and poetry, as if time were slowing down to allow viewers to contemplate every detail of these urban scenes.


David Mbuyi's paintings are characterized by their flat surfaces, rich in detail and nuance. Acting as both an involved and distant bystander in the public space, David creates works that reflect his thoughts on how humans interact with their environment and the images they create.