Laura Garcia-Karras

Born in 1988,

Lives and works in Paris



Born in 1988, Laura Garcia Karras studied at the La Cambre school in Brussels and then at the Beaux-Arts in Paris, from which she graduated in 2015.


Laura Garcia Karras' work combines the notions of forgetting, the passage of time, and memory, both in her practice and in the forms she represents. Her process is long, made of successive layers, one disappearing under the other, and whose colors manifest themselves vividly on the canvas. The slowness is dear to the artist, because it allows to give flesh to the images, often drowned in the flow that we constantly perceive. As a child, she picks up a fossil and suddenly becomes aware of the lost past carried by this stone – it is this epiphany that is at the origin of her inspiration, oriented towards the representation of nature.



Forms Of Oblivion

Group show

December 16 – February 4, 2023

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