Berenice Vargas Bravo

Born in 1998,

Mexican, lives and works in Chicago 

Born in Mexico City in 1998, Berenice Vargas Bravo lives and works between Nantes and Chicago. She graduated from the Beaux arts de Nantes in June 2023, and is currently doing her MFA in painting and drawing at The School of the Arts Institute of Chicago.


Bérénice's work is characterized by the dramatisation and staging of her subjects. Before she starts painting, she creates stagings using models who play a role, adding a performative dimension to her creative process. All the elements of a play are present in her paintings: the lighting, the sets and the actors. Bérénice's paintings can be seen as frozen spectacles, suspended in time, where each painting represents an act. She depicts scenes from everyday life, playful moments that span the ages. These situations are familiar to us all, but she adds a touch of absurdity and satire. In this way, she seeks to capture the complexity of human relationships, highlighting the underlying tension present in every interaction.


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