Ben Arpea

Born in 1989,

Lives and works in Paris


French artist, Ben Arpea lives and works in Paris. Born into a family of art lovers and collectors, Ben Arpea has been immersed in a rich artistic universe since childhood, where he began to create, draw and paint. Ben Arpea gained recognition in 2020 with a series of paintings in which he developed a singular artistic language made of geometric abstraction evolving towards the semi- figurative, using flat areas of color and texture. He pays homage to the figures of modern and contemporary art that he admires – Tom Wesselmann, David Hockney, Jonas Wood, AndrĂ© Breton – and is fully part of a new generation of creators from art, design and fashion, celebrating color and material in a simple and immediate relationship with the times. Anchored in a dreamlike dimension oscillating between semi-figurative and abstract expressionism, Ben Arpea's work questions the century-old motifs and canons of classical landscape and still life, reinterpreted through a contemporary artistic language. Between the real and the unreal, Ben Arpea paints frozen and perfect images, proposing a moving interpretation of pop art and surrealism.



Present Time

Solo show

October 18 – December 10, 2022

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